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Contact Management

- Customers data categorization based on location, industry, age, gender, etc.

- Increased productivity by filtering the information based on past customer interaction with the company.

- Centralized database for better alignment and collaboration between different departments within the organization

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Lead Management

- Capture all leads and their source and manage the funnel.

- See all Opportunities, Contacts and visits for an account in one place.

- Convert Leads to Accounts when business looks confirmed.

Reports & dashboard

- Graphical dashboards for quick decision making

- Drill down from top to bottom to view the different aspects of the lead funnel.

- Time saving from creating and maintain spreadsheets of data.

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Packed with benefits


Customer Communication

Regular interaction with the customers through Phone, Email, letters etc. helps in promotion and marketing and brand establishment.

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Customer Satisfaction

On-time response to customer and effective communication to resolve their queries increase customer satisfaction. It helps to retain customers thereby increasing revenues.

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Team Collaboration

Members from the different team like Sales, back office, legal, inventory etc. engaged and work together as a team to close business and increase revenue.

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Increased Profits

On-time respond to future leads, the pipeline of customers and closing the order helps in increasing profits.

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Measuring Performance

Various customized reports and dashboards are available to measure the performance of an individual or whole organization as a whole based on demographic region, products category, and customer sales.

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Sales Forecasting

Based on holistic data available, future plans can be made strategically to improve the sales and thereby increasing revenue for the organization.

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