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    Sales & Targets

    • Manage all your customers from dealers, distributors or channel partners
    • Manage all your secondary and tertiary sales orders using the app
    • Each customer has his or her own dashboard and page which shows all transactions
    • Create Tour plans for your team and track their visits

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    Live Tracking

    • Track your team in real time on the map, see who is offline and who is not
    • See who is marking their attendance at what time and from where.
    • View the Check Ins at the customers site and see how much time they spent their.
    • Now you can even track their battery levels as well and signal strengths

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    Lead Management

    • Now manage all your Leads and opportunities from one place
    • Configure the lead funnel the way you run your business
    • See all Opportunities, Contacts and visits for an account in one place

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    My Team

    • With My Team you can view the performance from the top to the bottom of the hierarchy
    • Track your team and see where they are at any point on the Map.
    • View attendance of your team and ee who is getting late to work.
    • Track the performance of your team with graphs and charts

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    Dashboard & Analytics

    • Get a real time picture of your business in a glance
    • Define and configure your KPIs from a predefined set of 30 KPIs
    • Build your own KPIs easily now in minutes
    • Different KPIs can be configured for different level of users in your system.

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    Attendance & Leaves

    • Now no need for biometric devices. Get your team to mark their attendance on the app
    • See on the google map who is marking their attendance and from where.
    • Configure multiple Holiday calendars if you have a wide geographical spread
    • Welcome to the world of Selfie Attendance…



    Using AWS servers and encryption we ensure that the data is secure

    100% Uptime

    A uptime of 99.8% is maintained ensuring 24 x 7 access to system and data 


    Using open architecture approach the system is scalable to handle any changes in the future.


    The system is designed to be robust and able to hold massive amounts of data and connections.


    Increase team productivity and efficiency by reducing sales call cost.


    Provides Real time location tracking by configuring GPS Polling to intervals to track the team

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